Love Camping? Don’t Miss These Spots in Tennessee

While many people might not know it, the southeastern state of Tennessee is one of the best natural paradises that the United States has to offer. Its rich scenery and mountainous topography make it an ideal place, in fact, to enjoy the outdoors while camping!

If you’re looking to plan a camping trip in the Volunteer State, here are some spots that you should keep in mind!

Big South Fork

Big South Fork National Recreation Area, on the northern border of Tennessee with the state of Kentucky, is one of the top camping sites in the state. Here, you’ll find a river that offers kayaking and rafting opportunities as well as a wealth of hiking and biking trails to explore the wilderness.

Fall Creek Falls

Did you know that the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River in the United States is in Tennessee? It’s located here, at Fall Creek Falls State Park in east-central Tennessee. Not only can you check out this beautiful cascade, but you can also enjoy a ropes course and cave exploring here.

Cades Cove

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in east Tennessee is the most frequently visited national park in the country, and its best spot for camping is in the calm and pristine meadows of Cades Cove. You might even spot a family of black bears while hiking on one of its many smooth trails!