Rubbing These Statues Will Give You Luck

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Throwing coin into the fountain gives you luck, but did you know that rubbing some statues can bring you luck as well?

Juliet’s Statue, Verona, Italy

Juliet’s Statue, one of the most famous statues in the entire world, is located in Verona, Italy. Juliet was Shakespeare’s fictional character in the well-known story of Romeo and Juliet. The statue has been in her courtyard, beneath the balcony of her house since 1972. Tourists from all over the world are waiting in line to climb up and rub her right breast, believing that anyone who does that will receive good fortune and luck in their love life.

II Porcellino Fountain, Firencze, Italy

There are two Piglet Fountains: the current one placed in 2008 and the original statue which was cast around 1634. The first bronzed boar now can be found in the Museo Bardini. For good luck, you need to put a coin in the sculpture’s jaw, and then rub its snout as a guarantee to safe return to Florence.

A Fat Policeman, Budapest, Hungary

This bronze figure was placed in 2008 and it represents a policeman in uniform from the 1909 to 1945. The artist explained that this fat, funny policeman blurs the negative image of the police working during the dictatorship. Rubbing its belly will give you good luck in bed.

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The Fat Policeman 🇭🇺

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Margaretha Krook Statue, Stockholm, Sweden

Margaretha Krook was a Swedish actress and her sculpture is placed outside Stockholm’s Drama Theater. The actress didn’t want a bronze sculpture of her since it tends to be cold. However, a solution was found: they erected a heated bronze statue. If you rub her belly, you won’t get fortune, but warmth.

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A truly unique statue. Very welcoming and warm to touch even in the wintertime! Say hi and give a hug to this lovely lady, Margaretha Krook, known as one of the Sweden’s most beloved actors in the 20th century👋🏻 . 王立ドラマ劇場「Dramaten (Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern)」の横に立っているこの銅像。スウェーデン人に最も愛されている女優の1人、マルガレータです👀今のミドルエイジ世代にはとても人気で、テレビや映画、演劇においてシリアスな役からコミカルな役までなんでもこなす大女優でした!2001年に癌で亡くなられましたが、生前この銅像が建てられるアイデアを本人が耳にした時、彼女は反対したそうで😮銅像というものはとても冷たく、近寄りがたいものという考えを持っていたからですね😖結局彼女の死後銅像は建てられたわけですが、なんと中にはヒーティング機能が備えられ、触ると温かい!!人間の体温に合わせて37度ほどに設定されていて、一年中冬の寒い時期でも温かいんです😌一般的によく目にする立派な銅像のような派手さはなく、あたかも通行人が立ち止まっているかのような佇まいでそこに建てられています😮 ローカルのスウェーデン人でも知らない人がいるようなスポットですが、この周辺を歩くことがあれば是非見に行ってみると面白いと思います✨温かい銅像なんてなかなかないですよね!とても素敵だと思いました☺️ . ちなみにこの銅像は彼女の実寸大で、よく演劇のリハーサル中や本番前にタバコ休憩で立っていた場所に建てられたそうです🚬劇場正面向かって左側にあります👀 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #stockholm #sweden #swedish #actor #margarethakrook #tourist #travelpics #travelphotography #visitstockholm #visitsweden #ig_sweden #ig_stockholm #trip #travel #statue #life #photography #photoofday #goodmorning #スウェーデン #スウェーデン生活 #ストックホルム #女優 #歴史 #演劇 #海外生活 #海外旅行 #銅像 #北欧 #yuko📷🇸🇪

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