Tap Into Your Regal Side By Visiting These Royal Palaces In Italy

Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
Photo by Piermario Eva on Unsplash

If there’s one country that’s not short of luxurious holiday destinations, it’s Italy. Given its rich and extensive history, Italy is filled with breathtaking sites that are sure to satisfy the palates of those travelers in search of extravagance. So, if you’re looking for a taste of royalty, then here are some royal palaces in Italy that you won’t want to miss.

Royal Palace Of Naples

Constructed in 1584, the Royal Palace of Naples served as the home of the Royal Family of Savoy until the unification of Italy. Since then, several kings of Naples have resided there, each of whom added several artworks and architectural feats to the stunning palace. Today, the palace houses a museum, an extensive collection of artwork, and the National Library.

Norman Palace

Overlooking the coastline of the island of Sicily, Norman Palace was home to several kings of Sicily from the Hauteville dynasty. Both a fortress and a house of luxury, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the oldest royal residence in Europe.

Royal Palace Of Turin

Built in the 16th century, the Royal Palace of Turin houses an extensive range of tapestries, furniture, and immaculately-groomed gardens, all dating back to the Royal Family of Savoy. Today, this historic building houses an impressive art collection, an armory, and the Royal Museums of Turin.