The Most Beautiful Countrysides In Europe

Image by Michael K from Pixabay

If you want to travel to Europe, and you’re looking for family-friendly destinations where you can lay back and relax, we suggest the following three destinations with the most beautiful countrysides.

Wallonia, Belgium 

This area in Belgium is suitable for tourists who don’t want to rush, instead preferring to take their time. Here you can get lost in a world that seems almost magical.  Stone alleys and rivers that pass through towns and castles on the hills are some of the things you will encounter in Wallonia.

Normandy, France 

This historical region in France is significant for many reasons. The French heroine Joan of Arc was burnt here, but this area is also known as the best place for food and drinks in France, which says a lot! If you want to enjoy nature, you will undoubtedly love it here. Normandy is everything you imagine it to be and more!

Basque Country, Spain

Basque Country is an autonomous community of Spain, and one of the most beautiful areas of Spain as well. Right on the border of France and the Atlantic Ocean, Basque country knows how to inspire. One of the most famous destinations is San Sebastián, but Basque country was also good enough for Game of Thrones, so book your ticket for this beautiful place as soon as possible.