Themed Restaurants In Japan You Must Visit

Image vi Alva Pratt on Unsplash

If you love unusual and unique things and places, and by chance you are visiting Japan, then it is a must for you to visit these amazing and popular themed restaurants.

Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant is certainly the most famous and popular themed restaurant in Japan. However, you shouldn’t go there if you are looking for any kind of Japanese experience, because it is everything except Japanese. It is a loud, overwhelming cabaret show, featured by robots. Due to its popularity, you must book in advance.

Ninja Akasaka

At this fascinating restaurant, everything is about ninjas. You are led by a black ninja through series of secret doors and passageways, you are served by a ninja, and you eat ninja-themed food. Despite the prices, the mystical and fun environment makes it a very unique experience.

Kyomachi Koishigure

If you want to experience the real Japanese tradition, the Kyomachi Koishigure restaurant is the right place for you. This beautifully decorated, cozy restaurant is one of the rarest restaurants where you can feel the Japanese tradition. Going to this restaurant is like stepping back to the past. The whole environment looks like a Japanese movie street set from the 1950s.

Kawaii Monster Café

If we must describe this restaurant in one word, it would be: “colorful.” Colorful food, colorful waitresses and colorful decor. It is a place where the “kawaii” culture is expressed, which is represented by everything cute. The staff entertains the guests by putting an interactive and fun show.