Things You Didn’t Know About Costa Rica, But You Should

Image via Pixabay

Costa Rica is an island smaller than Lake Michigan, and it was discovered in 1502, when Christopher Columbus first set foot there. If your path ever takes to this beautiful island, there are quite few interesting things you should know about Costa Rica.

They really pay attention to education in Costa Rica, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a rural area and you hear school lessons over the radio station. It is for the children who can’t make into school.

If you want to find an interesting job there, you should try becoming a Castadore, a coffee taste tester. Castadores have training for five years, where they learn how to slurp the cold coffee off a spoon onto their taste buds.

Don’t get confused when Costa Ricans talk about the rain, as they have at least a dozen terms for rain. Also, be aware of snakes, a 9.8-foot-long ground-dwelling fer-de-lance is Costa Rica’s deadliest snake.

If you are traveling by car, you should know that in the city San Jose, car owners are not allowed to drive into the city one day out of the week in an effort to decrease air pollution.

Don’t be surprised if you accidently get into a strip club instead a nightclub. In Costa Rica, “discoteca” refers to nightclub and “nightclub” is a strip club.