These are the Best Beaches to Hit Up in Puerto Rico

Emajagua, Maunabo, Puerto Rico
Photo by Alex Mnatsakanov on Unsplash

Puerto Rico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean (which is saying a lot), tourists flock to this location during the summer months and pretty much set up camp near its serene shores. If you see yourself potentially visiting Puerto Rico one day, these are the beaches to keep an eye on.

Sun Bay Beach

The gorgeous shore of Sun Bay Beach is located on Isla Vieques, a Spanish Virgin Island that goes on for 21 miles. Sun Bay is one of the most popular beaches in this area, mainly due to one particular highlight: at times during the night, a certain patch of the ocean water will glow brightly due to the natural movement of phosphorescent dinoflagellates beneath the surface.

Playa Flamenco

If you’re looking for paradise, Playa Flamenco is where you need to be. The sand on this beach is as white as snow, and the calm waters offer a truly relaxing experience. It’s also located on the popular Culebra Island, which is a super fun place to explore in its own right.

Luquillo Beach

Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, Luquillo Beach is rife with coconut palm trees and a brilliant turquoise ocean that’s enough to make any traveler happy. It’s a hotspot for joggers, tanners, and partyers alike.