Ticket to Ride: Preventing Motion Sickness

Photo by Alejandro Salinas on Unsplash

If road trips give you anxiety, it’s probably because you don’t like how you feel in cars. The minuscule bumps, the changes in speed and the curves just make your stomach and brain feel topsy-turvy. But you have wanderlust! You don’t have time for motion sickness! So try one of these motion-sickness prevention methods, so you can see everything you’ve marked on your Pinterest board.

Sea bands

Sea bands are pressurized scrunchie-like bands that go around each wrist. Their trigger point therapy represses your nausea through acupressure in the wearables, so you can feel at ease in the passenger seat. They come in a small carrying case that can fit easily into any makeup bag or pocket.

Roll Those Windows Down

Sometimes air conditioning is not enough, and you may feel trapped in the car with the windows closed and lack of circulation. So ask your driver to roll down the windows so you can get the benefits of fresh oxygen and relieve your mind of feeling stuck.

Decrease Your Sensory Cues

You positioning affects your sensory intake. Too many stimulants can play with your brain and your stomach. To lower the amount of cues your body receives, decrease controllable factors such as sunlight. Sunglasses come in handy even in the nighttime, as you’ll numb the brightness from street lights that might hurt your eyes. Lower the radio so your ears aren’t overloaded. And get comfy — don’t be afraid to lean your chair back.

Natural Remedies

Peppermint and ginger are known for relieving nausea. They come in pill form that are handy to take before a trip. Inhaling them as essential oils is also helpful and you’ll feel relief with every breath. You can find them in your local health food store, online at Amazon, or Wholefoods.