To Tip Or Not To Tip? Mealtime Etiquette

Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash

Not all countries leave tips, and not all countries tip equally. We’ve created a list of the amount you should leave your server abroad. However, you should always check to see if the tip is included in the check.

Tipping in the following countries is seen as rude and offensive because it can insinuate that the person isn’t paid enough, or is in need of your money:

Japan, China, South Korea, Georgia, Iceland

Tipping in the following countries is just uncommon practice and will create confusion:

Peru, Bolivia, Spain, Thailand

Here’s how much to tip in 10 other popular countries:

Amsterdam: 5% – 10%

Greece: 5% – 10%

Italy: 5% – 10%

Israel: 10%

Morocco: 5% – 10%

Portugal: 10%

The U.S.: 18% – 20%

U.K.: 10% – 15%

Uruguay: 10%

Vietnam: 5% – 10%