Top 3 Cities to Visit in Croatia (Besides Dubrovnik)

Zagreb Square, Croatia
Zagreb Square, Croatia. Photo by adrian krajcar on Unsplash

Dubrovnik is usually at the top of the list for any traveler who wants to visit Croatia. And rightfully so, because the city’s impressive architecture and beautiful beaches deserve all the attention they get. However, once you’ve been there, make sure to consider visiting these other amazing Croatian cities as well.


Let’s start with the city’s capital. Zagreb has all the makings of a culture and history-rich destination that also offers so much more than that. From beautiful parks and breathtaking buildings to exciting gastronomical offerings and vibrant nightlife, the city will make sure you cherish every moment you spend there.


Split’s Old Town is a place like no other. Highlighted by the stunning Diocletian’s Palace, which was built in the third century AD for the Roman emperor Diocletian, it will take you on an adventure that just keeps on giving. Its narrow streets and passages hide all sorts of intriguing discoveries, while the charming cafes and restaurants nestled in historical buildings provide a great opportunity to take a breather.


Pula is best experienced in the summer. This city, situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, has some of the best beaches in the country. However, this isn’t its only draw. While there, you will get an opportunity to explore many ancient Roman ruins, including Pula Arena, one of the six biggest Roman amphitheaters still around.