Top 3 Things To Do In Canberra, Australia

Australian Parliament, Canberra, Australia. Photo by Aditya Joshi on Unsplash

Pretty much like any major city on the globe, the capital of Australia holds many secrets and charming surprises. Full of museums and cultural sites and surrounded by rich nature, Canberra is not as popular as Sydney or Melbourne but has a lot of spectacular places that are worth visiting. 

Here we have the top 3 things you can do when visiting the capital of the smallest continent on the planet. 

See the Parliament House 

The first thing to visit in Canberra is definitively the Parliament House. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, this imposing building is the main act when it comes to Australian politics. The inside tours last about half an hour and they are more than worth your time. 

Visit the Namadgi National Park 

This breathtaking national park can be found at a location only 40km away from the city and it contains magnificent granite mountains, rich and colorful birdlife, and many other natural blessings.  

Have a picnic in the National Botanic Gardens 

The beauty of Australian plants is best represented in the National Botanic Gardens. These gardens are an awesome place to relax, take a refreshing walk or even have a small picnic. The perfect way to end the day!