Check Out the Biggest Undersea Restaurant In The World

Yeah, we’ve all heard of restaurants on top of mountains and on the highest floors of tall towers but how about going in a different direction, such as enjoying lunch under sea level? As it happens, the Hurawalhi Island Resort in the Maldives gives travelers the chance to do exactly that!

The 5.8 Undersea Restaurant is the largest underwater restaurant in the world and it’ll give you the unique opportunity to have a meal while enjoying the amazing view under the Indian Ocean. The quite strange name of the restaurant has a pretty simple explanation – the restaurant lies 5.8 meters under the sea!

The waters of the incredible Indian Ocean are filled with unique marine flora and fauna that compliments the experience when visiting this wonderful island resort.

But besides the unique experience and majestic view, we shouldn’t forget that primarily – it’s a restaurant! You will be able to enjoy some fantastic seafood delicacies – one of the best perks of this place! The restaurant offers 5 or 7-course lunch and dinner, but also it offers special lunch and dinner menus for vegans. However, these come at a fairly high price and they can cost around $300 per person.