What to Expect When Visiting Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain
Ibiza, Spain. Photo by David Švihovec on Unsplash

Ibiza is on many people’s bucket lists. If you enjoy having fun and partying with friends in the sun, then chances are you’ll want to visit this popular Spanish island one day. But with all the glitz and glamor surrounding this place, it can be hard to know what it will actually be like to visit. Here is what to expect.

There Will be Brits Everywhere

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you may find yourself forgetting that you even flew to a different country when surrounded by English speakers. 

You Will Make Friends With Everyone

For the most part, people in Ibiza are super keen to have friendly chats and funny interactions. It can feel reminiscent of the vibes you get at a festival, with everyone in a good and chill mood. 

You Will Spend a Lot of Money on Water

It’s not recommended to drink tap water, but you will be hot and dehydrated so factor this into your budget. Clubs won’t let you bring water in and will charge an extortionate amount for bottled water. 

You Will Want to Come Back

You’ll fall in love with the non-stop party atmosphere and want to return again and again.