Where to Find the Best Gelato in Rome

Photo by Ana Frantz on Unsplash

As one of the oldest cities in the world, Rome has a rich and fascinating history that can still be seen throughout its many museums and iconic landmarks. The Italian capital is also a hub of art, fashion, and, perhaps most notably—food. Along with traditional Roman dishes like spaghetti carbonara, visitors would be remiss not to indulge in a scoop of Italian ice cream for dessert. Known locally as ‘gelato,’ Italian ice cream differs from its American counterpart in that it contains more sugar and less fat. It’s a delicious and refreshing treat that makes for a perfect end to a day spent strolling through the city’s cobblestone streets. Keep reading for our recommendations for the best gelato in Rome.


Palazzo del Freddo Fassi is a historic Roman gem that has been delighting locals and tourists with its artisanal gelato since 1880. As a small family-owned business, they’ve perfected the art of gelato-making over the generations and continue to offer a wide range of flavors crafted from high-quality ingredients. 


In the heart of Rome, just a few minutes walk from the Trevi Fountain is Venchi, a legendary gelato shop with a history dating back to 1878. Along with ice cream, the shop also specializes in handcrafted chocolate candies and beverages. All Venchi products are made with natural ingredients using traditional methods, and, in recent years, a number of vegan options have been added to the menu.


Since 1900, Giolitti has been making artisanal gelato, Italian pastries, and mouthwatering hot chocolate using fresh, local ingredients. A visit to this shop, not far from the Pantheon, feels like a trip back in time thanks to its classic decor and elegantly-dressed servers.