Why September is the Best Time to Go Camping

Camping in British Columbia
Photo by Scott Goodwill on Unsplash

Camping is great fun, but since you’re outside your experience is quite dependent on the weather. You don’t want it to be too hot, and you certainly don’t want rain or even snow. So there are certain times of year that are better than others, and it’s important to keep track of the weather and plan accordingly. Here’s why September is particularly good.

Cooling Down

During September, especially the middle and end of the month, summer is finally coming to an end. At the height of summer, especially in more humid climates, it’s hot even at night. There are also a lot of bugs, especially mosquitos and gnats that come out in large numbers in summer. So as things cool down in September, you’ll still get the lasting warmth of August without feeling sticky or getting quite as bitten up.

Early in the School Year

If you work in a field that functions according to the academic calendar or has some kind of summer break, then you’ll either be just starting work or about to start in September. That means you have a little more free time than when the year is in full swing. Camping is usually a weekend or one-night activity, so it’s a good way to get away from work during the year. In September you might be feeling a little sick of work after getting used to vacation, so camping is a perfect way to wean yourself off of all the free time!