You Need to Discuss These Things With Your Travel Partner—Before The Trip

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

There’s nothing like finding a traveling buddy who you trust so much to join forces with on an epic journey around the world. But now it’s time to put your trust in us when we tell you that things can get dicey if you’re not careful. Unless you discuss the following things with your traveling partner before you leave, tension may arise sooner than you think.

The Money

The financial situation that you and your friend will be dealing with on the trip is important. This is no time to be shy or prideful, because there will be countless choices to make, and you two need to be on the same page. Ask your friend what their budget is, how much they’re looking to spend, and how the two of you will make compromises when the time comes.

The Activities

You might think you and your traveling buddy are thick and thieves, but do yourselves both a favor and make sure you’re traveling for the same reasons. You might learn that all your friend wants to do is party, and you’re more about hikes and nature. That’s all good, by the way—as long as you discuss things beforehand and plan accordingly.

Level of Independence

This brings us to our final point. If it turns out that you and your friend have different goals on the trip, that’s actually totally fine. If you and your friend are both comfortable with splitting up for hours at a time, then this can be accomplished no questions asked. However, not everyone is comfortable being by themselves in a foreign country. Before you leave, talk to your friend and make sure that you both understand how sensitive the other would be if they were left alone. This will prevent many potential hurt feelings.