You’ll Only Find These Species in Madagascar

Panther Chameleon are only found in Madagascar.
Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

The African island of Madagascar is known for being a biodiversity hotspot. Owing to its large size, relative isolation, and favorable climatic conditions, there is a whole host of species of both plants and animals that can only be found here and nowhere else. Visitors to Madagascar who are animal lovers should keep their eyes peeled to see these three species that can only be found on this unique island!

Panther Chameleon

Head to the tropical forests of northern Madagascar and you will likely find panther chameleons. These small lizards, which don’t get any larger than about eight inches in length, are known for their vibrant colors and their extremely long tongues.


Made popular by the movie Madagascar, everyone knows that lemurs are one of the most characteristic animals on the island. Lemurs can only be found in the wild on the island of Madagascar, and amazingly, there are over 100 species that exist, including the famous sifaka.


Cat lovers are likely to fall in love with the fossa during their visits to Madagascar thanks to their close resemblance to the common pet. Lurking throughout the island in forested areas, these carnivorous mammals can often be seen jumping from tree to tree!