Tips to Remember to Avoid Being Pickpocketed

pick pocket
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

It’s a sad truth that some people will take advantage of others, and pickpocketing is a common crime in certain cities and locations around the world. Here are some things to remember to try to avoid this happening to you.

Use a Bag With a Secure Fastening

While moving through crowds, it’s not always easy to keep an eye on your belongings. If your bag is securely fastened with a zip and doesn’t have any gaps, then this will avoid people being able to easily reach in without you noticing. 

Don’t Carry Your Phone Around

A classic trick is to swipe someone’s phone when they’re a bit distracted. It might seem helpful to hold it while wandering along to check your route, but you have no defenses if someone grabs it and runs. Draw yourself a map or write out directions to help with navigation. 

Have Precious Items Spaced Apart

In the unfortunate event that you are pickpocketed, it’s so much worse if all of your belongings are taken. Try spreading your money about across yourself, such as having a money belt as well as a wallet. If one stash is taken then you won’t be so stuck.